1. Introduction

Our project will be on the investigation of stationary waveforms due to different sound frequencies. This involves emitting sound waves from a speaker through non-Newtonian fluid (cornstarch and water) and observing the forms and patterns.

We are starting this research because we want to investigate the ways to manipulate liquids. With this information, we may be able to control waves on a larger scale, a possibility being even controlling the ocean, to prevent tsunamis and bring surfing to countries who do not have enough fetch to create large waves.

Non-Newtonian fluid is suitable for this experiment as the only factor which will affect its form is the sound frequencies. This unique feature of Non-Newtonian fluid is due to the atoms rearranging, upon incoming force, such that it behaves like a solid. Upon force of sound frequencies, Non-Newtonian fluid may produce “fingers” and holes in the substance that persist. (GE, 2009) (http://tinyurl.com/d63joqq) It is almost a substance that is in between a liquid and a solid. It also does not have an actual physical structure to it.
Several experiments have already been conducted, using different sounds and even music. Many of these experiments were recorded with a high-speed camera and then uploaded online.

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